About the project

Hockey Partnership for Progress is a joint project of five ice hockey federations in the Western Balkan Region and several other expert partners. The project, Co-Founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, was developed to kick-start development of ice hockey ecosystem in the region by raising awareness, improving governance practices in ice hockey and, additionally, addresses the key areas affected by the lack of it.


Our main goal is to improve governance practice across the region, educate managers, coaching staff, on and off officials, players and others, how to successfully lead a sports team and actively participate in development of a sport ecosystem, how to set not only short-term, but also long-term goals, to emphasize the importance of development programs.


  • Improve governance practices (by raising awareness and education the Management, we aim to increase Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Inclusivity and consequently, promote better strategic planning and improve risk management, promote stakeholder education, promote efficient and effective management practices and use of resources, increase ability to attract support from media and sponsors, increase ability to promote youth enrollment and acceptable behavior,…)
  • Improve coaching staff (by organizing HPP Coach Academy and harmonizing licensing conditions, we aim to improve ability of coaching staff, how to create and run better youth development programs, provide better advice for players,…)
  • Improve game officials (by organizing HPP Game Official Academy and harmonizing licensing conditions, we aim to improve the level of game officiating)
  • Improve and empower players (by organizing Good Governance seminars for players, we aim to raise awareness about good governance principles, improve their conduct towards other stakeholders (coaches, officials, players) and promote their involvement in sport as players and full members, who can influence change)