Sports, Law and Finance Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

The Conference provided an opportunity for people involved in sport in the region today to get together in Belgrade to exchange ideas and good practices as well as to learn about how to build their organizational capacities to establish more financially robust sport organizations and extending their capabilities to grow their revenues and secure more funding.

Event #02: Sports, Law and Finance Conference

Join us at the Sports, Law and Finance Conference on 15th and 16th of October in Belgrade, Serbia. The Conference aims to bring together the community of international stakeholders in sport to discuss and explore the cornerstones of establishing successful regional sports’ competitions at strategic and operational level.

Good Governance in Sport with free lectures for leaders and managers in sport

The Seminar was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Ms. Metka Tekavčič Ph.D. who expressed her pride for Faculty of Economics to participate in such an important project as the HPP as well as full sport towards project’s effort to improve the good governance practices in ice hockey and other sports in region.

The first part of the Seminar initially focused on the presentation of Good Governance guidelines as developed by the EU’s Expert Group on Good Governance (2013) and interlacing them with management procedures in sports organizations as well as presenting how governance in sport differs from governance principles in a business environment.

Secondly, the participants were educated about Ethics in sport & Sports Management, and most importantly, how the decision-makers can influence the sports ecosystem to be more ethical, fair, inclusive, and healthy for all.

The final part of the seminar helped participants link the theory to practice through the presentation of IIHF audit results and how they indicate the lack of proper governance and management practices in their environments. To conclude the seminar we presented how unsatisfactory approach to management of sports organizations transforms into a chain of negative consequences which influence and aggravate each other and deeply impact their progress.

The Seminar certainly opened various questions and discussions between the participants and lecturers during and after the event.

If you are interested to positively influence the development of your sports organization you should check out the “free to use” Presentations below and watch the lectures on YouTube. If you have any questions regarding the lectures feel free to contact us and we will be happy to respond.

  1. Good Governance Principles in Sport | Tomaž Čater Ph.D., Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana 
    [PDF] [ZIP Case Package] [YouTube Video]
  2. Ethics in Sport & Sport Management | Matej Tušak Ph.D., Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana 
    [PDF] [PowerPoint] [YouTube Video]
  3. Current State & Chain of Consequences in Ice Hockey | Rok Snoj, Ice Hockey Federation of Slovenia 
    [PDF] [PowerPoint] [YouTube Video]