Fist Consortium Meeting Summary

The first consortium meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 14th to the 16th of February 2019, and focused on establishing good understanding and cooperation between the partners, a crucial aspect when implementing a project of this scale according to all the rules and responsibilities related to European funding.

The core project management team, consisting of Dejan Kontrec (Project Coordinator & General Secretary of IHF Slovenia), Rok Snoj (Project Manager), Haris Muhić (Project Quality Manager), which is complemented with other  indispensable associates from various fields, presented Project partner Coordinators with the following topics:

  • Presentation of Coordination Institution
  • Legal agreements related to the project (Grant agreement, Erasmus+ Programme guide)
  • Project Background, Need Analysis, Target Groups, and Objectives
  • Detailed Project Plan, Work Packages, and Project Activities [PDF]
  • Project Management Procedures & Financial Guidelines
  • Project PR & Dissemination Guidelines

During the Consortium meeting Project partners presented their organizations, including a brief history of ice hockey in the country, current state of affairs, and key challenges they face. It is important to note that the level of maturity of individual ice hockey Federations in terms of their overall ability to support quality ice hockey development programs is not comparable, however, they all share the challenges in the same areas. The lack of infrastructure turned out to be the greatest obstacle, which prevents them from developing ice hockey in their country. Furthermore, the shortage of professional management, quality coaching staff, and quality officials were also proven to be obstacles all Federations share.

The Consortium Meeting was attended by representatives from:

  • IHF Slovenia (Dejan Kontrec, Rok Snoj, Haris Muhić)
  • IHF Bosnia and Herzegovina (Dijana Tokić)
  • IHF Croatia (Nikola Švigir, Krešimir Švigir, Ivana Teuber)
  • IHF Macedonia (Ferhat Tozunler, Ljupcho Tanurovski, Stefan Deckovski)
  • IHF Serbia (Irena Tomić, Aleksandar Milosavljević)
  • IHF Austria (Gerold Maier)
  • University of Ljubljana (Klavdija Besednjak)
  • IIHF (Aku Nieminen)
  • Sports Institute of Finland (Frauke Kubischta)

Next project activity is scheduled for June 2019 in Belgrade where we will address Financial management and Sustainable financing in sport. The workshop will be free of charge and open for all stakeholders in sport who want to learn more about properly managing finances in their sport organisations.


Event #01: HPP Good Governance Seminar

Main goal of the event is to raise awareness about the importance of Good Governance in sport for organization managers at various levels of sport ecosystem.

Participation is free of charge for everyone. Registration is required.

The HPP Project is Live!

Hockey Partnership for Progress (HPP) is a joint project of five ice hockey federations in the Western Balkan Region and several other partners providing essential expertise. The project is Co-Founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and was developed to kick-start development of ice hockey ecosystem in the region by raising awareness, improving governance practices in ice hockey and, additionally, addresses the key areas affected by the lack of it.